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While browsing through various pages on the Internet, you must have surely noticed the trendy and colorful buttons, especially at the end of blog posts. These buttons allow you to bookmark and vote for the pages you find interesting, save them online and even share them with everyone you want. The sites that offer these services are known as social bookmarking sites and the buttons are known as social bookmarking icons. Some popular examples of social networks whose icons you are sure to come across when you browse the Net are Digg, Reddit,, Furl and Newsvine. There are many other such sites whose icons are displayed for the benefit of users, and some pages even sport a collection of 50 or more social bookmarking icons.

Social bookmarking icons are seen on every other web page and blog post nowadays, they seem to have spread like an uncontrolled epidemic, but unlike epidemics they are very useful and friendly. Given the apparent viral nature of this spread, many people believe that they serve a very important function – making it easy for people to vote on their favorite stories and share them with friends.

Although some of the top blogs and websites do not use social bookmarking buttons, the proponents of the social bookmarking icons have a sound argument in their defense. They maintain that such icons do serve a useful purpose. Websites or blogs that are already popular do not need the support of these icons since they are closely monitored by a huge number of people all the time. But for posts by relatively unknown authors, these buttons and icons may come in handy. If the readers don’t get the chance to vote for or share the article with just a few clicks, they may not bother with the tedious process of going to the relevant sites and submitting the entries manually. So the proponents of this school of thought would surely advise you to have a few social bookmarking icons (at least the most popular ones) displayed clearly on your website or blog. And using a simple to use Social Boomarking Tool will help make this very easy for bloggers using Wordpress, Blogger, Typepad, ETC.

Seen from the point of the readers, such icons/buttons can really be quite useful when you are in the mood to share some interesting news or vote for an excellent article. But going overboard with social bookmarking icons would be an overkill, as they would only serve to distract and irritate. So the best prescription would be the one that applies to most situations… use the icons by all means, but do so in moderation. Use as your Social Bookmarking Tool of choice!



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